About Us

We are a full service general contracting company that is available to meet and satisfy your ongoing construction, tenant improvement, remodeling, property maintenance, and HVAC needs. We value our extensive experience and contribution to the local business market and work closely with our customers to achieve their ultimate satisfaction.

Our Fleet
Our Full Service Fleet


Founded in 2006, by Nicolas Marietta, Southwestern Custom Construction established itself in the property rehab area, which involved renovation of several single-family custom homes, ground up residential custom homes and rehabbing foreclosed homes for equity investors, portfolio managers, property owners and property management companies.

During the late 2000s, we became active in the single-residential market and have successfully completed several million square feet of rehab and remodel construction utilizing this method. Since then, Southwestern Custom Construction has developed into a full-fledged entity servicing both residential and commercial markets.

Our Facility

Our four thousand square foot state of the art warehouse facility is always fully stocked with inventory so that there is never an issue when an item is needed. Our full time warehouse management team coordinates all our fleet of trucks so that they are fully stocked and ready to go when our superintendents arrive each morning.

Our Staff

Nick Marietta

Nick Marietta – President. Growing up Nick was always fascinated with the Construction Industry. Knowing that Construction was in his DNA, he began his journey. At age 22, Nick decided to start a construction company; specializing in handyman services and remodeling contracts. He grew his business into a thriving entity comprised of general contracting, tenant improvements, heating & cooling, and handyman services. His goal is to provide cost effective, high quality construction services to our clients. Never afraid to try out new things, Nick is always one step ahead of everyone else. A family man, he’s always up for spending quality time together boating, barbequing, and vacationing.

Holly Marietta

Holly Marietta - Chief Financial Officer. Efficient and organized, Holly is passionate about teamwork and maintaining a thriving company culture based on satisfaction both for customers and employees. She has more than 15 years experience in the financial arena. Holly ties together all the monetary aspects of the business to ensure quality financial oversight and management. While not tending to financial matters, Holly and her husband enjoy traveling and boating with their children. She also enjoys being fit and the Las Vegas sunshine.

Allen Giles

Allen Giles - General Manager, Las Vegas. As a young child, Allen was always building things. During college, Allen began purchasing properties, renovating them, and then renting them to tenants. With an eye for intricate detail he became well known in the construction industry for his ability to get a project done right and please any client. His real talent lies in his ability to orchestrate every aspect of a project and solve even the most complex challenges that may arise. When Allen isn’t knee deep in construction management, he enjoys spending time with his wife and their three sons. He loves traveling and visiting the ocean.

Dave Cole

Brad Schaeffer – Construction Manager. Building things has always been in Brad’s blood. With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Brad thrives on watching projects come to fruition. Dedicated to a high standard of excellence, he ensures that the crews, scheduling, and quality control are all running efficiently and up to par. During his free time, Brad enjoys spending time with his wife and four daughters participating in any outdoor activity imaginable. The desert wouldn'tbe the same, if you couldn't find Brad on an ATV during a three day weekend!

Cary Routson

Cary Routson – Accounting Manager. Dedicated and efficient, Cary believes in doing what it takes to get a job done. Her phenomenal work ethic is evident within the thoroughness with the tasks that she performs. She has more than 20 years of experience in accounting, specializing in construction businesses. Her attention to detail ensures that the company’s ledgers are always correct and up-to-date. When not pouring over accounting details, Cary enjoys spending time with her daughter hiking, traveling, and enjoying the sunshine.

Gary Rennilson

Gary Rennilson – Marketing/IT Manager. Gary always wanted to be an artist, and in fact he paints and does graphic design. But his love of computers and all things technical lead him into a lifetime career of Information Technology management. He combined his IT experience with his skills in sales and marketing for cross-functional business objectives. Gary has been a valued member of senior executive teams, including Apple Computers where he worked "back in the day" when Steve Jobs wore flip flops everywhere. When away from the computer, Gary enjoys scuba diving and anything water related. Once while sailing around the world, he discovered a short cut...